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Bičių vaško balzamas odos gaminiams ir batams 55073

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Leather care product based on beeswax.

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Gamintojas: Solier Accessories

Beeswax balm

A unique balm - based beeswax effectively cleans the surfaces of leather goods: shoes, bags, gloves and jackets. It gives shine, protects against the harmful effects of water and has an antistatic effect. It is very simple!

To use: Clean the skin, apply a thin layer of the preparation, wait until it penetrates into the skin, polish with a delicate cloth or sponge. Remember to try it out in an invisible place when using products made of delicate leather.


  • Beeswax,
  • composition of vegetable oils,
  • lanoline,
  • A pinch of Podlasie heart! :)

100% natural


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